Tin Man

Philadelphia, PA
Vice President
EOW - October 24, 2011
Father, Friend, Officer and Brother!  What can be said of a man who lived by the words "Always his brother's keeper?"  A statement that he NEVER veered from!  There are no words to describe a man like Tin Man, so I will not even try, for fear of insulting such a true brother. Everyone who met him will say the same thing.  For those of you who never did, I am sorry you will never know what Tin Man was like.  As he always watched over his brothers while he was here on earth, I know for a fact he is still keeping watch over all of us now.  

Ray, you were my best friend, and not one day goes by that I don't fucking miss you!!!  I am thankful and honored that I was able to have you as my friend and brother for the time we had. Now let's get a Jack and Coke, and relax with a nice cigar!

~ Turnpike - East Coast Sgt At Arms and Best Friend


Oklahoma City, OK

EOW - January 20, 2012

Lil' Bulldog

Martinsburg, WV
EOW - August 7, 2012
Lil' Bulldog AKA William Dean Clarke Jr., was a retired Virginia State Trooper and retired US Air Force Security Forces Master Sergeant.  Although he died on August 7, 2012, he still rode his 2010 Harley, right up the week before departing this earth.  We rode and drank together his last two years on this earth.  Even today, It is hard not to seeing him in my mirror while I'm riding.

~ William Dean Clarke III AKA "Lunatic", Stonewall Chapter


Boston, MA
Original East Coast Vice President
EOW - December 18, 2012
For those of you who did not know Ralph, he was a good man.  His experience helped to lead our Boston chapter, as he was one of our  “Dirty Dozen”, as well as it helped to lead this club.  Ralph served not only as a fellow brother, but as a National Vice President during a difficult time in this club's history when there was some significant turmoil; and he served as one of the guiding lights to help us through that tumultuous time.  There are a few in this club that knew Ralph better, but I can tell you he lived life the way we can all only hope  -- enjoying every moment….with no regrets.

~ Hawk - East Coast VP

Big Al

New York, NY
Gotham City Secretary
EOW January 1, 2013
Big AL was the secretary of our chapter and a hardcore rider.  He attended all our rides as a patched member.  Although he wasn’t well enough to ever attend a National, he was able to meet his out of state brothers when he went to Philly to attend Tin Man’s Memorial.  He was a dedicated member and always voiced his opinion on difficult topics.


Indianapolis, IN
Naptown President
EOW June 21, 2015
Keith was on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department since 2005. Prior to being appointed full time, he was a reserve officer for the department. Before choosing his path to a law enforcement calling, Keith was an architect. Keith always put himself before others. He worked side jobs to provide for his family. Although Keith had no children of his own, his two dogs, Max and Finn, were his children. Keith was a gun collector and a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan. Keith was a leader in our chapter. He is always checking on us and making Naptown what it is today.

~ Brad "Gorgeous" Gorgas - Naptown

JB Brooks

Kevin Ryder
Master Police Officer
EOW April 1, 2017
Kevin Ryder was a large man and with an even larger heart, Kevin exemplified what a police officer, friend and a brother should be every day.  He served 21 years as a LEO, some of those years were with the Richmond Sheriff’s Department before he was hired by the Newport News Police Dept.
Kevin loved his job and would go the extra mile to help anyone if he felt they were worth it.  Kevin was known by all for being a standup guy, a straight shooter, and a gentle giant.  Kevin loved his guns and his Harley, and enjoyed meeting up with his friends and brothers to go to the range or to get what he called "some wind therapy."  He was very active in the community.  He went on many rides and poker runs and supported a lot of charities.  Kevin Ryder was known to his friends as Bear and Big Daddy, but to his Gunfighter brothers, he was known as JB Books.  The name JB Brooks happened to be a John Wayne character from his favorite movie “The Shootist.”  Kevin preferred this road name, and said that he based his life on this quote from the movie... “I won't be wronged.  I won't be insulted.  I won't be laid a-hand on.  I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”  Kevin lived by the Gunfighters Creed and he is sorely missed by his brothers in the Colonial Chapter.

~ Mack - Colonial Chapter



Boston, Massachusetts
EOW June 5, 2017
Hotrod was a retired Police Officer who proudly served the residents of the Town of Millis, Massachusetts.  He was a veteran of the United State Army and a veteran of the Vietnam War.  During his time with the Millis Police Department, Hotrod served as a detective, as well as a highly distinguished K9 handler.  As a K9 handler, Hotrod and his K9 partner won first place in multiple regional K9 competitions.  He and his K9 were ranked third overall in the country.  Hotrod was a proud member of the Gunfighters MC, and continued to  serve his Chapter, the Boston Chapter, attending various events and rides, even as he was battling aggressive lung cancer.  He was just 71 years of age.  Hotrod will be missed by all of his brothers.  We ask that he look down upon us and protect us.

~ Spaz - PRESIDENT, Boston Chapter


North Charleston, South Carolina
EOW February, 15, 2018
February 15th, 2018 will forever be remembered as a tragic day in North Charleston. We lost a beloved officer, a brother, and a friend. Mack will forever be remembered by us all for his kind demeanor, and for his compassion for helping others. Mack began his selfless career in Public Safety in the Fire Service, moving to South Carolina and becoming a 9-1-1 dispatcher in Charleston County where he served for several years before entering the brotherhood of Law Enforcement. Mack was known as a trustworthy confidant, a true brother who would do anything for his family and friends, and who always tried to see the positive in any situation. He will be desperately missed and we know he will be riding with us, wherever we go.  

~ Braveheart - TREASURER, Low Country Chapter